What’s in a Heart?

Imagine being a mom with three teenage girls, knowing your time on earth was limited.  What would you do?  What would matter most?  At 42, my mother faced this reality and I am ever thankful for how she decided to answer those questions.  She left me a legacy of advice in a very short time.  When most young girls would be crossing their arms and pitching arguments with their mothers, I found myself sitting at the base of her comfy chair listening to her life’s wisdom. 

I remember a talk we had about human potential.  She told me that in the same way science had discovered that we only use 10% of our brain’s abilities; our hearts have an unlimited and often unused capacity to love. 

She would have me hold my hands to my heart and close my eyes to see if I could feel my heart’s capacity to love everything, just as it is.  I know, it seems like a lot to take in at just 16. But that one experience has become a grounding for me that has carried me through all kinds of suffering and joy.  It’s given me the grace to return to the love in my heart when I’m in the deepest struggles of my life.  It’s allowed my heart to fill up when I’m holding a grandchild or accepting gratitude from a friend.  To this day, my mother’s “heart wisdom” continues to transform me in an instant.

So, what’s in a Heart?  In every heart, there lies the infinite and limitless capacity to love. Imagine yourself standing at the edge of the ocean, with an open heart. Your ability to love is even greater than that! 

My fondest hope is that you take a moment to connect with your heart and feel the powerful capacity you have to love all things…just as they are.

It truly is limitless.