Beautiful. Unique. Resilient.


I fell in love with a succulent at a wedding, my daughter’s wedding actually.  She had them scattered all over the elegant ballroom and potted them as a little gift for every guest.  It was the perfect plant to reflect the resilience and adaptability that she would need as a wife, mother, daughter and friend. Soon after it become one of the precious symbols of Womenkind.

As it turns out, succulents have an amazing natural ability to survive the toughest of conditions for any plant.  How do they do it?  They morph their tiny roots, stems, and leaves into plump water retaining ecosystems that allow them to thrive. If their water supply it too little or too much, they shed their leaves and hunker down until they feel balance again.  When they are strong and happy, they grow again. 

Hum…sounds a little familiar.  As women we have the gift of knowing when we are in trouble and when we need to adjust for our own wellbeing.  The challenge is to listen for that wisdom and bring ourselves back to the life we love.  Back to a state of wholeness that allows us to thrive. Our bodies know what we need.  Our minds can quiet to a peaceful state in an instant. My fondest hope is that we remind each other of that self nurturing gift we hold as women in a busy and complicated world.

Like the beautiful colors and thick resilient leaves of a succulent, we too can return, again and again, to the juicy, strong, and fabulous woman we love being. Maybe it’s time to plant a succulent garden of our own.