We believe that women thrive when they feel connected.  So we are setting out to create the most highly respected and closely connected women’s network in the world. It begins with a platform for women to share their desires, needs, hopes and dreams.  Through that collective voice, we will create a menu of offerings that serve this unique and powerful community. 

Womenkind is a collective force for good, created to bring the heart centered soul of every woman into her full and unlimited potential.  We believe that women are the natural leaders and nurturers of our families, companies, and communities. When we empower the lives of women, we elevate the presence of the natural gifts of womenkind throughout our planet; and in doing so, we change the world we live in. 




As her daughters became mothers, once again she saw the desire for connection in their lives. It was clear that the nurturing that once held women together throughout their lives was becoming more difficult to sustain. So Milan set out to create unique ways for women to connect with each other. She spent fifteen years mastering the study of personal growth from the top leaders of human potential. The result, Womenkind. A place for women to thrive. 

Milan Jensen is the founder and visionary for Womenkind. At the age of seventeen Milan lost her mother to cancer. Soon after that, she was married and became a mother with two daughters of her own.  As she moved through the stages of her life she became fascinated by the connection some women had with each other. These connections weren’t available to her, and as she discovered, they were slowly disappearing from the lives of the women surrounding her.